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Our team is ready to transform your yard into an amazing outdoor living space you’ll love! We have landscape designs for everyone in El Paso for all types of budgets. Contact us today to get started!

New El Paso Landscaping Installation

Are you looking for the best El Paso landscaper to fulfill your project. Our Landscaping pros can design, plan and transfor pre or undeveloped area into an amazing landscape. This includes all outdoor spaces such as parks, sports fields, recreational areas, public spaces and gardens and all other open spaces in urban and rural areas. Smaller objects where relief, soil and land use are of little or no importance, such as private gardens, public gardens, and smaller parks are often referred to as garden architecture. Landscape architecture in the city, whereby a better balance is sought between built-up and open space, is also seen as ‘planning of the open space.’

El Paso Landscaping

In garden and landscape architecture, an attempt is made to find the best possible design for the various land use forms based on aesthetic- artistic and technical-scientific and technical basis, in which ecology and the social environment are central. It forms a part of spatial planning. In the planning process, the garden and landscape architect works together with, among others, planners and urban planners.

Our El Paso Landscapers care about our society in El Paso, Texas, and especially, to our valued and loyal customer.

Good planning is the basis for a durable garden and practical maintenance. Always keep in mind the quality of the soil, climate, sun exposure and other elements to make the development of a project. This is because each plant has its need for food either by land, water or light and ability to adapt to the new environment. Already thinking about aesthetics? a detailed design is fundamental, so that there is a good combination between the different plants used and the style of landscaping that you want to express. It goes hand in hand with the architecture of the house or building and that the lighting is functional and contributes with the beauty of nature.

In residential landscaping project, our customers want to have a beautiful garden set up. They want to exercise yoga postures in their sustainable design gardens or outdoor shared spaces while their phones are loaded not far away. That is one of the possible conclusions why they need residential landscape

Commercial El Paso Landscaping, however, is hard work, but a talented landscaper can quickly gain a reputation for himself as a quality employee in his community. If you have tried to call a tree service lately, you probably already know that there is a big gap between supply and demand. The increasingly severe weather in all parts of the country is causing damage to trees that only professionals can repair. It’s not a business for the shy, but if you can find some experienced employees, you’ll probably have all the work you can handle. In addition to tree service, landscaping companies will always be in demand for owners and businesses alike.

Sprinkler System El Paso Tx

Sprinkler Install El PasoNeed a Sprinkler System in El Paso Tx? We install the underground pipes that feed various irrigation elements, such as sprinklers, drippers or turbine rotors. The system is activated by a programmer that allows controlling the time, days and minutes of irrigation.

The most common systems are those that carry sprinklers (water diffusion radius of 6 meters) or diffusers (water diffusion radius of between 2 and 5 meters). Also, we can also divide the sprinkler systems between emerging ones, which are the ones that come out when activated and saved when they are turned off; and the mobiles, the classics that are put in the mouth of the hose and are punctured on the floor.

The advantages of Sprinkler System El Paso Tx such as:

  • Optimize the use of water.
  • Decrease the cost of your ticket.
  • No more watering with hoses on cold or windy days.
  • You can enjoy your holidays without worrying about watering.
  • The system can be modified according to the growth of your garden.
  • It is feasible to feed the irrigation system from a pond utilizing an electric pump.

Having a garden or vegetable garden can bring us many satisfactions but, of course, it also requires that our El Paso Landscaper dedicate the best care to plants, trees, and shrubs.

Need El Paso Landscaping Service: Contact us for a fair quote

If you need El Paso Landscaping, we have you covered for any type of residential project. For the last 10-years, we have helped many homeowners obtain the landscape appeal they have been wanting for their front and back yard. We pride ourselves in running a reliable El Paso Landscaping company that’s licensed and insured, as well as use only the best practices and quality customer services.

Services We provide:

El Paso Landscaping Design

Our El Paso Landscaping Design team focuses heavily on incorporating all the landscape ideas you have for your home project. Having the experience of working with many clients in El Paso for 10-years has helped us develop a design process that simple, fast and will truly reflect the perfect landscape. No matter if you are seeking an El Paso landscape that is friendly for entertaining visitors or a design that will bring out the beauty of your home, we have you covered! Contact our El Paso Landscaping design team to start your landscaping process today. There are many features to choose from:

  • Landscape Lights
  • Landscape Rock
  • Sod, Turf Install
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Water Scape

Install Residential Landscaping El Paso

Our team is ready to install your new residential landscaping anywhere in El Paso. Through the use of our expertise we are able to install your new front or backyard landscaping specific to your design in a manner that is safe, simple and done-right the first time. We make sure that all architecture and outdoor features are built to the highest quality, not cutting corners or overlooking details. We tell all our clients, “We aren’t done until your satisfied”. Contact one of our El Paso Landscaping specialists today a free consultation and to determine the pricing of your next project.

El Paso Landscape Repair

If you need El Paso Landscape Repair services for your landscape, we can do it for you fast, safely, and for a fair price. Our team of El Paso Landscapers are able to fix and replace anything that is wrong with your landscape. We have helped many homeowners in El Paso redo parts of their existing landscapes by optimizing certain features/sections to achieve an optimal and neater display. If you would like one of our professionals to visit your location to help determine how to fix your El Paso Landscape, then contact us today. We have many ideas and solutions to start improving your landscape today.

Install Sod in El Paso

Installing Sod in El Paso is one of the most effective and fastest ways of improving the design of your outdoor living space. Sod is grass that is already planted and often comes as sheet of grass or rolls. Most of our client prefer installing sod in El Paso because it installs with ease and is far better than the traditional way of planting grass seed.

If you are interested in sod for your home, we would be more than happy to visit your location to help determine the best sod layout and give you a quote. Once our team of experts have all the project details, we can then begin to lay the sod and transform your outdoors.

Define Your EL Paso Landscaping Needs

Why do you need an El Paso Landscaper? A practical way to discover what kind of landscaping project you are going to have is to make a list of the things you like and do not like. The list is not only about plants and elements, but it is also more about shapes and colors you want to have in your landscaping project.

Understand your El Paso Landscaping Budget

To get an idea of what costs to expect, take a look at outdoor decoration magazines or websites and list the structural elements that you want to add to the garden. The more structures such as pergolas, platforms, ponds, and fountains, the higher the cost of landscaping. But the increase in the value of the home will also be more significant.

Knowing landscaping can save time, money and unnecessary stress. But if you are not a landscape expert do not despair. El Paso Landscaping Pros can suggest you the best landscaping projects within your budget.

The #1 Landscaping Design and Install Company in El Paso

We take great pride in welcoming you to a whole new world of next-age concept landscaping services with El Paso Landscaping. El Paso Landscaping is the most trusted landscaping service among El Paso residents. Of the hundreds and thousands of clients that we have served in the past decade, nearly all them identify and relate with El Paso Landscaping through grossly positive adjectives like client-centric, ethical and moral, responsible and accountable, timely, just to name a few.

We view landscaping as an expression of art. In our opinion, mother nature is the best and most coveted artist known to this planet. In order to create awe-inspiring landscapes, we draw inspiration from the mother nature for every single project. As we are a client-centric company, we view ourselves as strategic partners to our clients. We draw the initial landscaping ideas and inputs from our clients, and then blend our inspiration, technological and scientific expertise (knowledge of flora and fauna etc.), technical know-how of tools and equipment, and pure creativity to develop celestially beautiful landscapes for each of our clients. Our goal is straightforward i.e. to bring the nature closer to the people of El Paso, Tx and who would do that job better than people like us who are nostalgic locals of El Paso itself.

Some of our El Paso Tx Landscaping Services includes:

Residential Landscaping – Full yard transformation, stamped concrete, retaining walls, landscape lighting, landscape rocks, landscape plantation, floral hubs and arcs, sod-grass/turf, outdoor living plus kitchen, water scape etc.

Landscape Design Experts – We call our personnel as landscaping artists for the sole reason that we imbibe to, and apply, the artistic designs of the mother nature to bring the nature closer to you.

Backyard Landscaping  Transform your backyard into a perfect holiday destination by using El Paso Landscaping services. Call our landscaping artist to give your outdoor a makeover. The resulting lifelong feeling of  lavishness after we have transformed your property is for you to cherish.

Landscaping Rock  We can install rocks of different size, shapes and color to enliven the outdoors of your home. All you have to do is give us a call.

Sod Grass – We also provide sod-grass plantation services. Sod-grass is pre-grown and can be replanted in your front/back yard. Call us today to get the best quote in El Paso. Tx.

Tree Services – We provide tree-management services like emergency tree removal, tree pruning and cutting, tree stump removal, storm repairs due to damaged trees etc.


Services We Provide

Residential Landscaping El Paso Tx

We are the only concept landscaping services provider in El Paso, Tx with unparalleled in-house capabilities, vast knowledge base and highly experienced workforce to transform your outdoors into a scenic landscape. Nothing is as peaceful and serene as nature, and we all enjoy being in the lap of mother nature. Think about the momentary holiday happiness that you get when you at the countryside and get a chance to visit forests with rich vegetation, natural features like cliffs/plateau/hills, flora and fauna. That momentary happiness perishes as soon as you’re off your holiday and back to your routine life. We know that the thought of living close to the nature is always enticing and we exist for that precise reason – to bring the blossoming nature to your home. Call us today to know more about our residential concept landscaping services.

El Paso Landscape Design Experts

Landscaping requires scientific knowledge, visualizing skills and project implementation dexterity which brings it at the crossroads of diverse disciplines like geography, geology, botany, zoology, artistry, environment, biodiversity, computer-designing and project-management. At El Paso Landscaping, we have employed some of the best landscaping experts who possess cross-disciplinary knowledge and a decade-long experience of transforming concept landscapes into reality. Our project design and implementation team works untiringly to transform your boring outdoors into lively, mesmerizing and scenic gardens. Finally, the time has come to live your dream of being in the lap of mother nature when you have El Paso Landscaping to bring that dream to life.

El Paso Backyard Landscaping Installation

Even for a while, the thought of spending the life by the side of nature has crossed our minds. Nature has been impartial in endowing all of us with its wealth and beauty. But, we have pushed ourselves away from nature in our zest to urbanize. Bother no more since we understand you like no one else. We proudly offer backyard landscaping services under different themes like plush kitchen gardens, poolside party spot with barbeque, heaven’s garden with colorful flora and night-time smartphone operated lighting etc. Give us a call today to get thrilled with our concept landscape designs inspired by nature.

Best El Paso Landscaping Rock Selections

Nature is in the DNA of El Paso Landscaping and its inspirations run ln the blood of our landscaping artists. The same goes with our rock selections. We have the widest variety of rocks ranging from small to medium to large depending upon your tastes and preferences. But that is not all. We have rocks of different shapes and colors to give your outdoors the nostalgic look, feel and aesthetics of a real forest. The origin of rocks decides surface texture, cosmetic and mechanical properties. Since we are the uncontestable experts in the landscaping business, we are the only resort to get the widest possible range of rocks whether it is igneous or sedimentary or metamorphic rocks.

Best Sod in El Paso : Fresh Green Grass

Sod is synonymous to fresh green grass like El Paso Landscaping is synonymous to concept landscaping. Sod is pre-grown natural grass and can be planted directly into your garden. It is very dense and has bold color. Moreover, it also saves time than sowing seeds altogether and wait for the grass to pop out of the ground. Yet another advantage of sod is that it does not requires water every now and then. It blossoms without being watered for weeks.

El Paso Tree Services

At El Paso Landscaping, we exist to serve our clients and no service is complete until it follows a holistic design. We are a one-step resort to not only broad-spectrum of concept landscaping services but also gardening and tree services. We offer broadest possible tree management services including 24/7 emergency tree removal services, tree pruning and trimming services, tree stump removal services,

  • Tree Removal: Our staff possesses a lot of tool and equipment experience that are useful in removing trees. We are safe and bonded which delivers you added peace of mind.
  • Pruning: We have high-rising mobile lifts to reach out to the tallest and most inaccessible parts of trees to prune them.
  • Trimming: If your trees have are pushing into electrical distribution lines, it is best to have a professional like El Paso Landscaping to trim your trees safely and avoid the danger of operational hazards.