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El Paso Landscape & Tree Services

Our team is ready to transform your yard into an amazing outdoor living space you’ll love! We have landscape designs for everyone in El Paso for all types of budgets. Contact us today to get started!

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We are a private company that develops and executes design projects, installation and maintenance of landscape according to the preferences and needs of each client. Our experience, creativity, and ingenuity in the design of public and private gardens places us at the forefront in the field of gardening.

Our technical and landscaping team executes landscaping projects that adapt to the landscape and the requirements of each client. It takes into account the properties of the land and characteristics of the environment, for this, we evaluate the type of plants, the location and other ornaments that fit in the place where the garden will be built.

Lawn Management and Property Maintenance

Our team is recognized in El Paso as the leader in landscape maintenance service. We have vast experience serving a wide variety of commercial clients, such as office gardens, shopping centers, municipalities, luxury apartments, condominiums, residents’ associations and community developments.

Our maintenance team has access to a large number of resources to ensure that all your expectations are met. Our pest control and fertilization group are certified. Our garden maintenance division provides the following services:

  • rama Cutting
  • Plant cleaning
  • Shrub pruning
  • Weeding
  • Inspections and repairs of irrigation
  • Cleaning of palms
  • Pest control
  • Fertilization
  • Mulchi

Landscape Design and Landscape Installation

With the help of our highly qualified and responsible professional team to bring new ideas and improvements in the interior and exterior gardens of our clients, without neglecting the environment and contributing to it. We offer a quality service with particular attention to the organic conditioning of all our interventions.

Our technical team takes care of all the environmental variables at the time of conducting the studies, so that the project adapts and synthesizes with the environment to create a dynamic set.

The landscape is, at the same time, physical reality and the representation that we culturally make of it. It is the external and visible physiognomy of a particular portion of the earth’s surface.

We also have a professional office to design and project any idea that the client wants to reflect in his garden. It gives the best option for each place no matter how big or small. Our gardeners will satisfy your landscape project.

Our gardening staff is a qualified team to install the garden according to the initial sketch, considering environment all the fundamental factors for its realization. It is carried out in the shortest possible time, for comfort and enjoyment, doing a work planning where times and costs of execution are defined. We organize the land, ducts, lighting and any other underground element, then cover it with corridors, decoration, grass, and plants.