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New Landscaping Installation

The importance in the professional elaboration of the landscape project is to prevent a series of inconveniences, such as plants that are poorly located or more substantial than expected, the occurrence of plumbing disruption by the roots of the plants, excess leaves making cleaning difficult, and more. These are some examples of the inconveniences generated by the lack of prior planning, or inadequately planned preparation; besides, the lack of planning creates, as a rule, a high maintenance cost and difficult to carry out.

For this reason, David’s Landscaping has a broad portfolio in El Paso of its own and third-party projects. It is executed with perfection and agility, transforming the environment according to the needs of its customers.

Landscaping goes far beyond the creation of gardens and squares. It is a particular technique also directed to the elaboration of projects of creation or replacement of spaces affected by disordered constructions.

Its mission includes recomposing geographic spaces and organizing the landscape to create conditions for use by the public, using not only botanical and ecology knowledge, but also architecture and customs of the region, combining colors and formats to generate a harmonious and pleasant result of coexistence.

According to recommendations of the United Nations, it is necessary that cities contain at least 16 m² of green area per inhabitant to reduce urban stress.

Taking this into account, the landscape architecture shows itself to be an extremely valued activity, with a wide field of action.

Landscaping is a concept that admits two significant meanings. On the one hand, the term refers to art that consists of the planning, design, and conservation of parks and gardens. On the other, the notion applies to the pictorial genre that is dedicated to the representation of landscapes (the extent of land visible from a site).

Therefore, it can be associated with a set of activities designed to modify the visible aspects of terrain. The artist who is dedicated to this task receives the name of landscapist.

Landscapers are responsible for working with living beings (such as plants, flowers, and trees), natural elements (a river, a stream, a hill, and more), human creations (buildings, paths, bridges) and abstract climatic conditions).

Based on the study of these factors, the landscaping experts try to create an aesthetically attractive environment. It can be said that the landscape manipulated is the work of art of the landscaper because it is in this way that expresses his ideas and his feelings.

In addition to the artistic side, it is also the responsibility of the landscape designer to protect the environment and ensure the sustainability of its design.

Landscaping involves much more than this and brings together knowledge from a variety of disciplines, as well as architecture and urbanism, such as plastic arts, botany, social and cultural relations, climate and many others.

We use a careful choice of plants, according to the architecture of the property, house style, climate, wind, sun and shade incidence. Our team also keeps in mind the topography, soil, format and terrain conditions, buildings, and more.

We achieve satisfactory results, composing the garden with functionality, aesthetics, good taste and creativity, always in a harmonious way with the integration of furniture and environment.