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New Landscaping Installation

The landscaping project is designing, planning and transforming the spatial layout of an undeveloped plan area. This includes all outdoor spaces such as parks, sports fields, recreational areas, public spaces and gardens and all other open spaces in urban and rural areas. Smaller objects where relief, soil and land use are of little or no importance, such as private gardens, public gardens, and smaller parks are often referred to as garden architecture. Landscape architecture in the city, whereby a better balance is sought between built-up and open space, is also seen as ‘planning of the open space.’

In garden and landscape architecture, an attempt is made to find the best possible design for the various land use forms based on aesthetic- artistic and technical-scientific and technical basis, in which ecology and the social environment are central. It forms a part of spatial planning. In the planning process, the garden and landscape architect works together with, among others, planners and urban planners.

David’s Landscaping cares about our society in El Paso, Texas, and especially, to our valued and loyal customer.

Good planning is the basis for a durable garden and practical maintenance. Always keep in mind the quality of the soil, climate, sun exposure and other elements to make the development of a project. This is because each plant has its need for food either by land, water or light and ability to adapt to the new environment. Already thinking about aesthetics? a detailed design is fundamental, so that there is a good combination between the different plants used and the style of landscaping that you want to express. It goes hand in hand with the architecture of the house or building and that the lighting is functional and contributes with the beauty of nature.

In residential landscaping project, our customers want to have a beautiful garden set up. They want to exercise yoga postures in their sustainable design gardens or outdoor shared spaces while their phones are loaded not far away. That is one of the possible conclusions why they need residential landscape.

Commercial landscaping, however, is hard work, but a talented landscaper can quickly gain a reputation for himself as a quality employee in his community. If you have tried to call a tree service lately, you probably already know that there is a big gap between supply and demand. The increasingly severe weather in all parts of the country is causing damage to trees that only professionals can repair. It’s not a business for the shy, but if you can find some experienced employees, you’ll probably have all the work you can handle. In addition to tree service, landscaping companies will always be in demand for owners and businesses alike.

Landscaping Irrigation Systems

Landscaping Irrigation Systems consist of the installation of underground pipes that feed various irrigation elements, such as sprinklers, drippers or turbine rotors. The system is activated by a programmer that allows controlling the time, days and minutes of irrigation.

The most common systems are those that carry sprinklers (water diffusion radius of 6 meters) or diffusers (water diffusion radius of between 2 and 5 meters). Also, we can also divide the sprinkler systems between emerging ones, which are the ones that come out when activated and saved when they are turned off; and the mobiles, the classics that are put in the mouth of the hose and are punctured on the floor.

The advantages of Landscaping Irrigation System such as:

  • Optimize the use of water.
  • Decrease the cost of your ticket.
  • No more watering with hoses on cold or windy days.
  • You can enjoy your holidays without worrying about watering.
  • The system can be modified according to the growth of your garden.
  • It is feasible to feed the irrigation system from a pond utilizing an electric pump.

Having a garden or vegetable garden can bring us many satisfactions but, of course, it also requires that our team at David’s Landscaping dedicate the best care to plants, trees, and shrubs.

Commercial Property Maintenance

As of today, we are the best commercial property maintenance service in El Paso, Texas. In (your business name), we make maintenance contracts for commercial properties at a reasonable price. Our priority is the speed and efficiency of our services to cause the least inconvenience to our customers.

We ensure a quick response and try to arrive in a couple of hours or reserve an hour to solve the problem when it suits you best.

(your business name) offers the best commercial landscape maintenance service in town.

For the comfort of our clients, we have a professional team in maintenance and repairs ready to serve you in El Paso, Texas. We provide support to the owners in necessary repairs without which the lessee could not continue to use the property in its entirety, and we can also provide service to the tenants with locative maintenance, which is those that aim to keep the leased property in the same state in which was received.

We will help you provide the best first impression of your customer at your commercial property landscape. Contact us today and skyrocket your property sales!

How to start your landscaping project Project Easy

Define Your Landscaping Needs

Why do you need landscaping? A practical way to discover what kind of landscaping project you are going to have is to make a list of the things you like and do not like. The list is not only about plants and elements, but it is also more about shapes and colors you want to have in your landscaping project.

Understand the Landscaping Budget

To get an idea of what costs to expect, take a look at outdoor decoration magazines or websites and list the structural elements that you want to add to the garden. The more structures such as pergolas, platforms, ponds, and fountains, the higher the cost of landscaping. But the increase in the value of the home will also be more significant.

Knowing landscaping can save time, money and unnecessary stress. But if you are not a landscape expert do not despair. David’s Landscaping can suggest you the best landscaping projects within your budget.

Choose a qualified landscape professional like David’s Landscaping

Hiring a professional landscaping service is often worthwhile and can even save you money in the long term. Besides, having a well-kept garden will always add value to a property if you want to sell it. Therefore there is the advantage of enjoying more and better of the garden, of saving in the long term and of increasing the price of the house. Contact us today and let’s make your landscaping project awesome!